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Endura Fly Line Dressing

Fly & Spey Line Dressing

what's on your fly lines ___________________

Ever wonder why when you start out your day on the water, with a clean and dry line, that every movement seems effortless. Then as the day nears an end you find yourself adjusting your casting stroke as each cast becomes to be more work just to get the line off the water ad getting it to go. Most everyone has this dilemma, and most attribute it to muscle fatigue and just plain tiredness.
Well you are partially correct because as the day goes on the line becomes less slick, may not float as high as needed to perform effortless casts because it just becomes heavier. The line needs a slick stick to the water for ease of line movement. A dirty non dressed line becomes stuck and grabby and holds water resulting in increased casting difficulty and body fatigue.
The answer is simple, keep a well-dressed Line with the product that is absolutely “Second to None”.
ENDURA Line Dressing.

Fly and Spey Line dressing and cleaners are important applications to keeping your fly and spey line performing and floating as slick as new while helping to restore older fly lines to a new life. Fly and Spey Line dressing may need to be applied every few days or as desired.
Spey and fly lines dressed with Endura is 2nd to none.

Endura Line Dressing Makes Fly and Spey Casting Easier

“Endura Spey & Fly Line Dressing” has received excellent reviews from those who tried, tested and purchased it for their fly and spey lines. Endura Line Dressing was tested for nearly a year and in most conditions prior to it's release. Ranging from freezing temps and 33 degree water to the hot summer days on the Salmon River to the Miramichi, the Deerfield River Region and into the Salt Waters of Cape Cod, this dressing was tested by dozens of anglers.
Results: lasts longer, applies on wet and dry lines, floats lines higher, slides through the guides with unnoticeable friction, increases casting distances and can be used on any fly or spey line.

Endura gives older lines a Like New slickness and floatability

"While always searching for better solutions and products, I was asked to test this ultra slick high buoyancy proprietary formula. Through extensive testing we determined it to exceed all expectations with farther casting distances, added slickness, superior floatability, and the ability to apply on both wet and dry fly lines. With multiple field testers, all decided it’s a must have fly and spey line dressing."
Walt Geryk

When Dressing and Cleaning your spey lines, always treat your running and shooting lines along with the heads and floating tips. With Endura Spey and Fly Line Dressing's longer lasting and the highest floatability, it is not recommended to be used on sink tips or any part of the sinking portions of the lines.

Available at:
Malinda’s Fly Shop, Altmar New York
Dette Trout Flies, Roscoe New York
Deerfield Fly Shop, Deerfield Mass.

Fly Line Dressing

1 oz bottle

Wholesale Pricing and Quantities contact

Malinda's Fly Shop Altmar, New York 315-298-2993

If your local shop does not have it, request it!

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