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Endura Fly Line Dressing

Fly Line & Spey Line Dressing

what's on your fly lines ___________________

When you start out your day on the water with a clean and dry line, every movement seems effortless.
Then, as the day nears an end, you find yourself adjusting your casting stroke. Each cast becomes more work to pull the line off the water and shoot through the guides.

Most everyone has this dilemma and attribute it to muscle fatigue or just plain tiredness.
In reality, it’s a dirty, sticky fly line.
A dirty non-dressed fly line sticks, grabs and holds more water resulting in decreased casting efficiency and increased body fatigue.

Fly Lines & Spey Lines need a “SLICK STICK” to water for easey line movement.

"Fly Line Dressing and Spey Line Dressings are important applications in keeping your fly and spey lines performing like new. Endura performs with a like new slickness with higher floatability and helps brings older fly lines to new life. Fly and Spey Line dressings may need to be applied every few days or as desired."

Endura Fly Line Dressing Makes Fly and Spey Casting Easier



Endura Fly Line Dressing has been extensively tested in the harshest fly fishing conditions.
Used in Extreme Conditions: freezing temps, 33 degree water, hot summer days, in fresh and salt water.
Field Tested by dozens of anglers throughout North America.
Results: Lasts Longer. Applies on wet and dry lines. Floats lines higher. Lines slide through
guides with less friction, increasing casting distances. Can be used on any Fly or Spey Line.

Have Like New Slickness and Floatability with Endura

"While always searching for better solutions and products, I was asked to test this ultra slick high buoyancy proprietary formula. Through extensive testing we determined it to exceed all expectations. Farther casting distances, added slickness, superior floatability, and the ability to apply on both wet and dry fly lines are major results. With multiple field testers, all decided itís a must have fly and spey line dressing."
Walt Geryk

When Dressing and Cleaning your fly and spey lines, always remember to treat the running / shooting lines, the floating heads and floating tips. With Endura Spey and Fly Line Dressing's longer lasting proprietary formula with its highest floatability and slickness, it is not recommended to be used on sink tips or any part of the sinking portions of the lines.

msrp: 1 oz. bottle

(prices subject to change without notice) _____________________________________________________________________________________

Sage Fly Fishing Rio Products : Supporting Sponsor of Walt Geryk

Endura Fly Line Dressing and Spey Line Dressing Increases Line Speed, Floats Higher, Lasts Longer, Applies Wet and Dry.
© Copyright 2013-2023 by Walter Geryk. All Rights Reserved.