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Spey Fishing New York and Lake Ontario Tributaries
Salmon River
salmon river steelhead spey fishing
Salmon migrations can begin in August. Weather and flows are a determining factor for these early returns of salmon and steelhead for the Salmon River Region. By October the steelhead, brown and rainbow trout are following the salmon up river to feed and search for their winter holding areas.
Enjoying the experiences and the thrills of catching trophy sized fish, while on a scenic wade or drift boat trip, on the Salmon River NY can be second to none. Learn traditional styles of presentations required to take steelhead and salmon while improving your casting.

"Take the opportunity to learn and spey and fly fish with Walt, the Hardy North America In-House Spey Specialist. You'll leave the water a better spey caster and enjoy fly fishing with confidence."

The steelhead will winter over and many more will enter Lake Ontario Tributaries throughout the winter and spring. This is seasonal fishery.
The Salmon River NY offers more than eleven miles of fishable water for salmon, steelhead and trout that can be accessed by a walk in wading trip or a relaxing drift boat trip. Spey and Fly Fishing the many runs, riffles and pools for trophy salmon, brown trout, steelhead and rainbow trout can be a Northeast Fly and Spey Fishing Experience of a Lifetime. While spey and fly fishing these Lake Ontario Rivers and Tributaries with Walt, you will learn and better understand the techniques and presentations needed and which flies to use to take these fresh water trophy fish.
While the salmon runs decline in late October, the steelhead now become the primary target and with fewer anglers.  This is a fun time to take advantage of continued "World Class Fly and Spey Fishing." It may be more than expected!

Massachusetts Spey and Fly Fishing Rivers
Enjoy the learning experiences while on a scenic fly fishing trip on the Deerfield and Westfield Rivers. Learn presentations required to take trout while dry fly fishing and the multiple subsurface techniques used when wet fly, streamer and nymph fishing.
The Deerfield River, in Western Massachusetts, is an outstanding trout fishery consisting of large stockings of Rainbows, Browns and Brook Trout from various state run hatcheries. Flowing from the Haramon Reservoir, in Vermont, this unique river makes a its journey into Massachusetts before ending at the Connecticut River.
Deerfield River
The Deerfield River is regulated by a series of five dams in Massachusetts. Starting at Fife Brook, you will find waters and fishing conditions to your liking and with plenty of trout throughout. more.....
Before arriving at possibly the best fly and spey fishing waters in New England, you'll pass through many historic villages, including Williamsburg, Old Deerfield and Shelburne Falls. You'll wet your lines in popular catch and release areas and on the many miles of unrestricted waters available in Western Massachusetts. Easy access from Rte. 91. Favorite rivers that I have fished, since the 60's and continue to, are The Lower, Middle and Upper Deerfield River, the Westfield River and the Swift River. Other tributaries flowing into the Quabbin Reservoir and the Connecticut River can be outstanding as well.


Spey Fish the Northeast with Walt Geryk. All levels of experience from beginners to experienced are welcome.
Spey Casting and Fishing Schools are offered throughout the North East and Canada
"Leave the water a better spey caster and fish with confidence".
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