Salmon, Steelhead, Trout Fishing Reports
Fly Casting and Fly Fishing Schools for Massachusetts, New York and other Northeast Locations are offered for all levels of experience. Fly fishing and casting instructions with single-handed and two-handed rods are detailed for beginners to advanced fly casters. If your looking to get started in the fastest growing sport in North America or advance your current levels of experience, then Walt Geryk's Fly Fishing and Casting Schools are for you. "Learn to relax and fly fish with confidence."
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Specific Schools and Instruction for
casting, presentations and techniques for those who would like to enhance their current fly fishing capabilities. By learning and understanding the reasons for proper presentations and proven techniques to be successful on many of the world rivers. These techniques and variations will make you better understand the the when to and places for these presentations.

Dry Fly Fly Skating Tracking
Wet Fly Dble & Single Nymphing Tight Lining
Streamer Bob B Mendicator System
Vertical Tipping
Slack Lining

Clinics, Classes and Schools offer
detailed instructions for the above presentations and fishing techniques that is sure to increase your success on the water. This is a great way to get to know about to the different styles of fishing presentations, decide which you may enjoy more, and expand your approach and success while on the water.

Single Handed Spey Casting
Learn two-handed spey casting and how to adapt it to your single hander. Increase distances and enhance effectiveness for both dry and subsurface fly fishing in many situations.Be more a more complete angler with Spey Casting"Learn to Fly Fish with Confidence"

Before investing in your equipment, first learn the basics and more while casting Hardy, Fenwick and Greys single and two-handed rods and reels loaded with Airflo Lines. Let's be sure your rods and lines are balanced to allow for your ease of casing and to achieve maximum performance.

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Schools, Lesson & Clinics

Miramichi New Brunswick Spey Clinics and Schools
At the Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures

Call for Availability for all Schools, Classes & Clinics
Arrange your own dates and locations

Daily In Season Schools and Classes Offered
September-December and April-May on the Salmon River NY.
Deerfield River Availability beginning in May-September.

Locations, Times subject to change pending conditions SINGLE-HANDED CASTING & FISHING CLASSES
see left column for rates and information

Reservations & Confirmations
All Reservations to be paid in full 30 days prior to class.

Cancellation or Re-Scheduling
If your paid in full spot is re-filled, your full payment may be applied towards another SpeyDoctor school or lesson.
If your paid in full spot is not re-filled, 50% of your payment will be applied towards another class with the balance due in full upon commit. Payment applies to same calendar year only of the original reservation date. After this time your deposit will be forfeited. Restrictions may apply. Special circumstances, decided by school, may result in a full or partial refund.


Tune up Single and Two-handed Fly Casting in the comfort of your home with
Laser Cast

What They Say

Hi Walt,
Just a quick note to say thanks for the Spey School experience. It was great to hang out with fellow enthusiasts in a great setting, but most of all I'm grateful for your excellent instruction. I was pleasantly surprised by how much progress you managed to make through my thick skull and in reorienting my own uncoordinated motions in just 2 days. I definitely left wanting more, so I've marked the calendar for a return to Altmar around mid-September and again in November. Between now and then, I'll take a lighter 2-handed rod out on the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers for smallies and practice as best I can. Looking forward to putting the new Hardy reel and a 14-footer to work later in the year, and then out west next winter. All part of the pre- retirement training program. Thanks for putting your passion to work for the betterment of us passionate anglers.
Mike Fritz
2 Day Spey School

Hi Walt,
The consensus from all was that the day couldn't have gone better. Zeke fell asleep in the car within 5 minutes, and upon our return, the trip came up repeatedly all night. Shasta and Zeke seemed most perplexed about how to recreate the trip where they live, which is of course impossible. So we're hoping this will be a springboard to getting them up here more often. And thanks for choosing the Gorge. Beautiful location and highly approachable water. You're a superb guide, and friend. Thanks for the immense patience and expert instruction for all!

PS Loved both that 10' Hardy Zenith and the Greys XF2 Streamflex that you let me cast and fish during the day.
Kudos to Hardy & Greys!
Pat Garner
Boston, MAssachusetts

Fly Casting & Fishing   Spey Casting & Fishing

Single Handed Fly
On the Water Classes

A 6 hour stream side
rods, reels and misc. provided

Basic Casting
Learn and understand the working dynamics of a fly rod, reel, leaders and lines. The casts needed for basic fly fishing, overhead cast, false cast, single haul.

Intermediate to Advanced
Continue to advance your fly fishing and casting abilities. Learn to over-head cast, false cast, single haul, double haul, roll cast, tuck cast, steeple cast, mini sink tip line vertical tipping, Understand presentations and effective drifts for dry, wet, nymph and streamer fishing for increased success.

Single Handed Casting
Back Yard Basics

On the Lawn
Basic Fly Casting

Equipment terminology,
Care & assembly of equipment
ages 10-16 accompanied by an adult

"Relying on Luck does not make a better angler,
Learning the Skills Will"

Walt Geryk

"By day's end, your fly and spey fishing skills will be better!"


Hi Walt,
Tremendous! That’s how I feel about my two days learning from you last week.  You taught me:
How to read water and determine where the fish are likely to be holding and feeding, and where I needed to make my presentation in order to get them interested in my fly.
How to Cast so that I could put my fly where it needed to be for the best presentation.
How to manage line to maintain a good presentation for as long as possible.
I can’t thank you enough for all your patience, feedback and encouragement. You’re a great teacher and guide, and I am looking forward to spending more time together on the water.
Using your Hardy Zenith 10' 5 wt fly rod for the day was a great opportunity to compare with others , which just don’t seem to match up with the Zenith and I look forward to my new Hardy and Airflo purchases.
Again, thank you Walt, for a great time.
Jim Kennedy
Ashland, Massachusetts


Swinging, Tracking and Drifting flies on the Salmon River New York and Deerfield River Massachusetts for trout, salmon and steelhead is a style growing in popularity. The Salmon River NY, Great Lakes Tributaries and the Deerfield River are favorites for swinging wet flies and larger spey flies and streamers in the Northeast and New England. Be part of this growing sport and see how you can easily advance your current fly fishing skills. These schools are for all levels of experience which allow you to gain confidence and advance your casting and fishing abilities while learning two-handed and single hand spey and fly casting, with the many proven techniques and presentations acquired by Walt's traditional fly fishing experiences on the rivers, since 1972, in the Northeast.

Two Handed Spey
On The Water Classes

6 hours on the water
all rods, reels and lines provided

Basic Casting
Learn the casts needed to fish river right and left. Single Spey, Dble Spey , Snap T, C Cast, Wombat and others needed to fish in all conditions.

Casting and Fishing
Continue to advance your Spey and Scandi casting abilities. Add the Snake Roll to your current abilities and variations in casting techniques to adapt to changing conditions and locations. Understand sink tips, fly tracking, proven presentations and effective drifts to increase your spey fishing success.

2 Day Schools 4 Students

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and trouble to teach a 64 year old lifetime left handed fisherman the right handed double spey.  The technique took all of the pressure off my arthritic shoulders and allowed me to have a great time salmon fishing.  I am looking forward to adapting it on my home waters for trout.
Thank you again, and I look forward to floating the Salmon River with you again next year.
Dick Berkey

Hardy & Greys North America In-House Spey Specialist

Fenwick Fishing

Royal Wulff Fly Lines

AirFlo:Suporting sponsor of Walt Geryk Rio Products : Supporting Sponsor of Walt Geryk
Fly and Spey Fishermen are frequenting the Northeast and Canada for salmon, steelhead and trout with Walt Geryk and his in-depth knowledge of single and two-handed casting and fishing style. Experience Walt's unique ability to teach the technical aspects of each and every cast from the beginning to the fly presentation. Learn to recognize spey casting faults and how to easily correct them. Understand the importance of body posture and positioning as the Hardy, Fenwick, RIO, Airflo and Wulff Pro coaches you through the day. Feel the excitement of the pull and the satisfaction from the safe release of your catch.
Copyright 2017 by Walter Geryk and All Rights Reserved.