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What is Spey and Switch Rod Casting
Spey casting is a style of fly fishing used to allow for and create longer casts without the overhead back cast. Two-Handed Spey casting can require longer two-handed fly rods with specially tapered lines that allow for a variety of easy casts resulting in longer distances. Once the spey casting basics are achieved, you can now apply them to the shorter single handed fly rods matched with properly tapered fly lines. Be part of this growing sport and learn how you can easily advance your current fly fishing skills.

Why Spey Casting

Casting Areas: No overhead back casting necessary. Longer distances are achieved with the Forward Spey Cast by creating a down wind "D Loop" over either shoulder.

Changing Directions: 90 Degrees of change is accomplished in 1/3 the time or less than traditional single handed overhead casting.

Line Control: The longer, two-handed, 10’6” to 16' Spey Rods allow for properly presented flies at greater distances in most all conditions.

Near Effortless: No overhead casting strokes required. All casts are accomplished with considerably less arm motion compared to the single hand casts. By allowing your body to create most of the power, called body casting, the spey rod will finish the casts with considerably less arm effort.

Feel The Pull: Feeling the pull or grab of a fish while tight lining a long lined swinging fly is exhilarating. The excitement of the hook set, doing battle right through the release, is a fly fishing feeling second to none.

Relaxing & Enjoyable: Longer Casts and Covering More Water with Properly Presented Flies allows you to dissolve into a calm state of mind and enjoy a peaceful encounter with the outdoors while spey fishing, as fly fishing is meant to be.

To Swing & Track Flies Effectively, you must understand the spey fly, its profile and the proper speed required for optimal presentations. Critical fly tracking techniques, as well as a properly tied fly to a leader are major components required to achieve maximum effectiveness and success.


Steelhead Spey Fishing

Practice and Tune up Single and Two-handed Fly Casting in the comfort of your home
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Spey & Scandi casting is growing in popularity as the to swing flies and streamers throughout North America. Two-handed fishing and casting schools offered for salmon, trout and steelhead in New York and Massachusetts and the Northeast. Spey and Fly Fish the Salmon River, Deerfield River, Westfield River and others in Massachusetts and New York. Learn and better understand single-hand fly and two handed spey casting techniques and fly presentations.
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